Securing Code Transfer and Execution in On-Demand Distributed Computing Environment

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In the Software Development eld, many technology contributors introduced dierent solutions for code exchange and execution between development teams. Recent technolo- gies with high computation performance involve Cloud Computing technology, which allows the computations to be performed in distributed systems. This project proposes an alternative cost-eective solution to cloud computing-based computations. By imple- menting a securely and on-demand distributed framework for exchanging code artefacts and execute them in an isolated environment. This project addresses the need for se- cure distributed computation environment and proposes a solution for this obstacle. The project introduces a framework that is built on-demand and performs code computations on an isolated distributed environment on the client machine. The framework establishes an encrypted connection between three main components: the web main server, the web client, and the virtual machine running local server. The objectives of this project are stated in relation to computer security concepts. Related works to oer code computations are deliberated. Starting with a motivation to move from server-side computation toward client-side computations. On the other hand, the report will discuss the variety of available options to run the computations on the client-side. Each option is evaluated from the project objectives perspective. Use cases for the proposed framework in this report are provided along with the functional, security, and users requirements. The project is developed using an agile development method which involves ve mandatory iterations to achieve the project goal. After the development phase, the performance of the proposed framework is evaluated and checked if meeting the objective of the project. Furthermore, future improvements to the project are provided to achieve a robust and secure framework.