A Package for Manipulation of Finite Automata

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Most universities have a course focusing on the theory of automata as a core course for their computer science programs. The traditional way of teaching the theory of automata course is by using a pencil and a paper to do exercises but this course can be taught using software tools. In this project, a software tool is developed to help in automation of drawing automata and support for implementation of complementation and checking determinism algorithms on automata. Using the developed tool to draw automata will make modifying existing automata easier and faster than modifying hand drawing automata which requires redrawing of the entire automata when changes are needed. Also, using this tool to perform finite automata algorithms will help automata learners to practice and to check the correctness of their answers without referring to an instructor. In addition, this tool will save user’s time and effort and result in clear and neat drawings. The user can later easily save the created automata that has a consistent and clear appearance. The Package for Manipulation of Finite Automata Tool is developed for these purposes. The Package for Manipulation of Finite Automata Tool is a website that provides a graphical user interface to allow user to input automata in graphical format. The project results in developing a software tool that allows users to draw one automaton or load a saved automaton and then choose the functionality to be applied on the automaton (complementation, checking determinism or saving the automaton drawn) and display the result for the chosen functionality.