Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Obesity in Saudi Arabia

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Abstract Background: Obesity is a prevalent disease that has affected both developed and developing nations worldwide. Obesity has been significantly rising in Saudi Arabia and is projected to be prevalent at 77.6% if no health interventions are made. Socioeconomic status has been the focus of research as a cause of obesity. This study is aimed at investigating the relationship between socioeconomic status and obesity in Saudi Arabia Objectives: The objectives of this study are to identify socioeconomic status indicators relevant to Saudi Arabia, identify a measurable scale for obesity, collect data on socioeconomic status and obesity from Saudi Arabian residents, and perform statistical analysis on the collected data to establish the correlation between socioeconomic status and obesity in Saudi Arabia Methods: This research follows a quantitative research methodology. The research only aims to establish the correlation and not investigate the causes behind the correlation, for which quantitative research method has been justified. A survey questionnaire is created to determine socioeconomic status and obesity of Saudi Arabian residents. The survey is filled out online when participants click a link provided to them via email. Full disclosure of purpose of study and explicit statement of the survey being voluntary are stated. Statistical analysis is performed on the 63 responses that were received using SPSS software. Main Results: BMI and Education are seen to have a negative correlation. BMI and Family Income Level is seen to have a positive correlation. BMI and SES is seen to have a negative correlation. Conclusions: Correlation between BMI and Education are found to be consistent with previous results. For Family Income Levels and SES, the results were found to be consistent with some previous research. Socioeconomic status and BMI correlations are inconsistent throughout the literature for which not all results were expected to match.