What is the satisfaction level of patients of Al Duwadimi, Saudi Arabia about the online appointment booking application, MAWID, used in PHCs?

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The introduction of e-health technology in the form of online booking systems has introduced a shift in how patients manage their health care, providing access to a more convenient and real-time service. It has been shown that this system has already resulted in better throughput of patients accessing primary health centres. However, problems still exist that need to be addressed and solved concerning trust, privacy and access to technology. For the Saudi Arabian central appointment model, MAWID, there is still a shortage of research into patient satisfaction, albeit this system is only two years old. Of the research conducted, most is centred on the larger conurbations of this country. This study looks at the area of Al Duwadimi in the central of the country and looks at the levels of patient satisfaction of using MAWID. An online survey is used asking close ended questions about use and experience alongside reasons why participants do not access MAWID. This took place in September 2020 and took a quantitative approach to empirically examine the responses. There were three hundred and sixty-eight respondents and the exclusion criteria resulted in ninety-three being rejected. The responses were analysed using SSPS. Generally, this study reports a majority satisfaction rate in the use of MAWID, but there are still areas that require further development, such as access to the internet and building trust in privacy and security, ease of use and encouragement of take up by the public health sector in general.