A Cross-sectional Study of Undergraduate anaesthesia students’ perceptions toward the effectiveness of Blackboard as a learning management system implemented in universities in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia

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Background: The reason for the study is that online learning management systems are being used considerably in universities around the world such as Blackboard. Currently, there is a gap in research that considers the perception of healthcare students on the effectiveness and the future use of the Blackboard learning system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Aim: The purpose of this study is to assess the perceptions undergraduate anaesthesia students have towards the effectiveness of Blackboard as a learning management system (LMS). Methodology: The study is conducted among undergraduate anaesthesia students between the ages of 18 to 26 years at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University located in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. The study conducted observational studies based on structuring online questionnaire for existing knowledge extraction. The study participants’ population is around 81 male and female undergraduate anaesthesia technologists. The surveys are developed using Google Forms and are used to approach the participants to obtain their responses. Results: The response rate was 81%. The study results indicated positive points about using the Blackboard LMS in anaesthesia education. The study demonstrated that Blackboard LMS is considered an efficient and effective study tool for the majority of the surveyed anaesthesia students. Blackboard's multimedia resources and teacher's instructions leading the learning environment have positively impacted the perception of the surveyed undergraduate anaesthesia students. Anaesthesia students consider Blackboard a compatible and effective self-learning study tool that provides them with a high degree of learning autonomy. Blackboard encourages anaesthesia students to determine and follow their self-study path. Conclusion: The study in general supports positive perception of anaesthesia students towards the use of Blackboard LMS in their anaesthesia education.