Enhancing SME Access to Finance: Saudi Regulatory Initiatives Under the G20 Agenda

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Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) constitute the lifeblood of global economies, serving as vital contributors to innovation, job creation, and economic development. This dissertation comprehensively explores the intricate landscape of SME finance, revealing its multifaceted nature shaped by legal, regulatory, and economic dynamics. The absence of a universal remedy for the SME finance challenge is evident, emphasizing the need for contextspecific strategies. Focusing on Saudi Arabia's ambitious Vision 2030 program, this study meticulously analyses the nation's regulatory efforts, yielding significant insights. This dissertation underscores the intricate interplay of factors influencing SME finance, ultimately emphasizing the need for tailored, context-specific regulatory frameworks. As governments and international organizations increasingly recognize the pivotal role of SMEs in economic growth, the collaborative spirit among nations and their commitment to financial inclusion offer optimism for SMEs' future prospects. While a universal solution remains elusive, the journey toward a more accessible and supportive SME finance environment requires adaptability, innovation, and a shared dedication to fostering economic growth.
Financial Regulation, SME Finance, G20, Financial Inclusion, Vision 2030