The Effectiveness Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Compared To Other Conventional Therapies For Static And Dynamic Balance Amongst Chronic Stroke Patients: A systematic review

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4.6 CONCLUSION This reflective exercise as per Gibbs’ reflective framework has enabled me to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Although I had adhered to the advice of keeping my research question specific, my initial search terms were too restrictive and did not facilitate a productive search of the four online scientific databases. I had also allowed myself to become overwhelmed by the large swathes of data from the six RCTs as I did not organise said data into tables. Furthermore, even though I had identified MeSH as an added advantage of the PubMed database, I had neglected to take advantage of it during the conduct of my search. Because of poor planning on my part, I had failed to look through and adhere to the journal manuscript requirements beforehand. This led to a situation in which my manuscript was over 2000 words longer than what was the acceptable threshold stipulated by the journal. I was faced with two options – source for another journal or reduce the wordcount of my manuscript significantly.