Business Plan: Sustainable fashion ( Deema fashion)

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he fashion industry is a significant economic power and contributes to global GDP. It has been found that fashion is profitable, particularly among millennials looking for fashionable but affordable products (MarketLine, 2021). However, fashion is the second-largest polluter on the planet (Zalay, 2021). Despite the well-publicised adverse effects on the environment, the fashion industry continues to develop partly because of the rise of fast fashion, which relies on low-cost production, frequent consumption and short-term garment use (Niinimäki et al., 2020). When this happens, human health and the environment, as well as garment workers, are adversely affected. DeemaisthefirstSaudionlinemarketplaceinfashionupcycling. Deemaaimstomakeupcycling the most popular fashion choice by utilising a digital platform to simplify the upcycling process and allow clients to connect with Saudi designers. This concept of upcycling clothing can be considered a pioneering initiative that will benefit the economy by reducing clothing expenditure. Sustainable fashion is a rapidly expanding and dynamic business, and upcycling is just one of many possibilities within it. Using anything from zero-waste manufacturing techniques to organic and recycled textiles, fashion designers all over the world are redefining how clothes are made. This will contribute accomplish the Saudi Vision 2030 by creating awareness of the necessity of sustainable small-scale projects in fashion. Additionally, sustainability is a major goal of the Saudi Vision 2030, which fosters the preservation of national cultures and the development of the future generation of Saudi designers, as well as sustainable practices (Alblowi et al., 2021). Deema will be well-placed to capitalise on the potential of this new market by launching a platform for upcycling fashion that prioritises human and environmental well-being. Also, this business plan provides Deema with the chance to develop a competitive advantage as the first platform in Saudi Arabia that offers upcycling services.