Parissi - Consultancy Project

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Parissi café is one of the local independent coffee shops in London. The café serves a variety of food and drinks options from different cuisines. Parissi is facing some challenges in regards customer engagement and increasing sales and seeking for further development in its social media marketing strategy. This report focusses on helping the café to overcome these challenges by developing research. The data has been collected from primary data such as in-depth interview and survey and secondary data through Parissi's social media content. PESTEL analysis and Porter five forces framework have been used in order to have a better understanding of the market. In addition to that, different frameworks have been used to analyse the finings such as the 6C model of social media engagement framework, Social Media by information half-life and depth, and associated marketing objectives and purposes framework and a framework showing the relationship of brand page activity to brand engagement, loyalty, word‐of‐mouth and growth. This report found that Instagram plays a huge role in increasing customers' engagement. Hence, it is recommended that Parissi should focus on improving that platform by creating one hashtag to be used in each post, paying for sponsored posts in Instagram, writing short and concise words in each post, changing Instagram's page theme, creating polls to collect customer's reviews and feedback and posting the unique selling point " garden seating" frequently.