Advancing Sustainable Living: Integrating Renewable Energy Systems and Smart Technologies for Energy Efficiency in Eco House Design

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University of Strathclyde
Abstract Background: In the present ,me, the u,lisa,on of the latest and innova,ve technologies has become essen,al for this purpose, and the usage of renewable energy and smart technologies has increased dras,cally. Along with the effec,ve u,lisa,on of renewable energy, it plays an important role in terms of a?aining a sustainable environment which can promote a healthy lifestyle. Due to the effec,veness of renewable energy and smart technologies, it become one of the important requirement for domes,c opera,ons. The exis,ng research provides insight and knowledge regarding the effec,ve u,lisa,on of renewable energy sources for eco-house designing. Aim: The research aims to inves,gate the integra,on of intelligent technologies and renewable energy systems in the designing of eco-houses. Further, it examines the effect of renewable energy systems and intelligent technologies in achieving energy efficiency and sustainable living. Methods: The research depends on secondary qualita,ve method for data collec,on which allows the researcher to a?ain significant informa,on according to the objec,ves of the study through authen,c sources. The research depends on the sec,on of discussion and results in which various ar,cles and journals related to the research topic have analysed through different perspec,ves which integrate valuable informa,on into the study. In line with that the proposed recommenda,ons have focused on providing data analysis and categorisa,on to provide insight and knowledge related to the applica,on of renewable energy systems in the designing of eco-house. Conclusion: It is found that there is an importance of selec,ng renewable energy, automa,on in smart buildings, audits of energy consump,on along the training of users. Further, it is observed that integra,on with smart grids, collabora,on with experts and sustainable material selec,on have also become key aspect in terms of a?aining a sustainable environment for homes regarding the u,lisa,on of renewable energy. Through effec,ve u,lisa,on of these solu,ons, eco-houses can become one of the effec,ve aspect required for sustainable living through contribu,ng to a greener resilient global environment.
Eco houses friendly House, Renewable Energy, Smart Technology