Efficient use of Lightweight Cryptography for IoT

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In this dissertation, we present a highly robust and efficient lightweight block-cipher model. Unlike classical cryptosystems or lightweight cipher models, a state-of-art new solution named Substitution and Permutation Network Driven Generalized Feistel Network assisted Lightweight Block Cipher Model for IoT-data Security (SGFBC) is being developed. Unlike major at-hand lightweight encryption models or lightweight cipher models where the key focus is made on enhancing embedded system security with low power consumption, low delay, low hardware utilization etc., the proposed SGFBC block-cipher model focused on ensuring plaintext data security over uncertain IoT communication channels. By realizing the fact that enhancing S-box and P-box can lead to better confusion and diffusion, the use of Dynamic Key Estimation and Update Mechanism (DKEUM) is being utilized. In addition, the enhancement such as circular rotation and flipping or swapping strengthened the proposed model to inculcate higher confusion and diffusion. Similarly, the strategic amalgamation of SPN with GFS block-cipher enabled more efficient confusion and diffusion, thus helped in retaining higher attack-resilience. The proposed SGFBC block-cipher was designed with merely 64-bit key and five rounds, which make it more computationally efficient as compared to major existing lightweight cipher methods.