Sociolinguistic Research Into Foreign Language Teaching: A Reflection Upon Efl Classes In The Saudi University.

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Saudi Digital Library.
This research into foreign language teaching of English in Saudi Arabia aims to discover reasons why despite the popularity of English language courses, Saudi Arabian students are disadvantaged. This will answer the research question, which is, simply, what steps must the Saudi Arabian educational authorities take to ensure that this disadvantage is overcome? After examining and critically reviewing the literature, five graduate students from Saudi Arabian universities were interviewed about their experience of learning and using English. It has been established from these interviews that four findings are raised for attention: first, the target language (English) environment and resources available for class teaching are limited; second, the target language (English) is under-utilised in class; third, teaching is too exam-oriented with insufficient emphasis on communication; and fourth, there are a limited number of confident and competent English teachers. These four findings well explain why Saudi Arabian students are challenged and in the UK university, and answer what has been going wrong with EFL class in Saudi Arabia. The research therefore urges the Ministry of Education to take steps that include better budgeting, smaller class size and the recruitment of competent English teachers including native speakers. The ultimate goal is to develop Saudi students’ language performance in both oral and written communication.
Sociolinguistics. Language Teaching. EFL Classes., L1 and L2, Second Language Acquisition