Business Planning Report of Steam House, Behavioural Aspects of International Business by Assessing the BHP Group, Operations Strategy Report for Amazon Company, and The Leadership in Tesla Company

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Executive Summary: for first topic This business plan aims to secure financing to launch a new restaurant – Steam House – in Bangor. The founder can provide 25% of the required initial financing, covering working capital needs, fixtures, and fitting and leaving some cash on hand, while 75% of financing is required to loan the premises. The plan explains the new business concept and benefits it would provide to its consumers and local communities. Then, the document proceeds with assessing the British economy, particularly that of Wales, and discusses the effects of COVID-19 on it and the casual dining industry. Furthermore, current long-term trends of the market get highlighted, and the growth prospects get outlined. After that, the document presents a brief marketing plan for the product and proceeds to descriptive financial projections, as they should most interest a reader. In the end, the action plan gets provided to specify the next steps of the founder in case the financing is approved. After reading this report, the decision-makers would understand the concept of the business, its position in the market, and prospects for growth. They would also see its benefits to the business's communities and know the accountability and information flows centres. Following that, the company's main strengths and opportunities, including weaknesses and dangers to development, are outlined. Finally, a reader would be able to make an informed decision about issuing the loan for CAPEX purposes, as the financial projections of Steam House are safe and profitable. Introduction: for second topic International business is essential because it allows persons from one point of the world to access goods and services offered from another part of the world. Furthermore, it is an international business that has enabled companies to move beyond their domestic borders and conduct business in other countries and regions (Casson, 2018). Therefore, this has resulted in the development of multinational business enterprises. An example of this is the BHP Group which has a presence in many parts of the world. The organisation is evaluated in this essay, emphasising its activities as a global corporation to obtain insight into the behavioural characteristics of international business. Introduction: for third topic Amazon is a global retailing company launched as a small online bookstore in the USA 30 years ago. The company is the biggest retailer globally, with the wealthiest person globally, Jeff Bezos, at the firm's head. The organisation is a perfect example of how it can deal with global challenges, negatively affecting Amazon's operations. However, given the enormous growth of the company and its high competitiveness in the industry, it would be prudent to note that Amazon sufficiently addressed the challenges it has been regularly facing during its development. With a great attention to details and particular focus on product and process innovations, Amazon has become the total leader in the online retail industry, excelling giant competitors like Walmart and Tesco on the US market. Due to Amazon's enormous success and high capacity to deal with different predicted and unexpected challenges, the firm's future holds much promise. Moreover, Amazon can expect to deliver better results in light of the technological progress. Introduction: for last topic Leadership has always been essential for humanity, business, and politics, since the distribution of global leader's power across different sectors shows the prospects for future world development. The purpose of this assignment is to assess the most burning leadership challenges faced by modern organisations. Tesla, as the company under discussion and Elon Musk – the CEO – will be comprehensively evaluated from the perspective of leadership. In addition, potential solutions to current probl