The effectiveness of mobile applications for fitness apps and body weight management among adults in developed countries: A Systematic Review

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Introduction. Technology is a useful tool when considering large scale interventions. This study considers a focus on the regular increase in the number of mobile phone users and those using android applications. Objective. The objective of the present study is to consolidate the findings of existing literature to identify the effectiveness of mobile applications in bringing about positive changes in terms of weight reduction and fitness management. Methods. A systematic review of ten relevant studies was conducted, these studies were selected based on pre-determine inclusion and exclusion criteria. Results. The results of the study show that mobile applications are effective in the reduction of body weight, but users have mixed responses to their use, both positive and negative. The study has summarized the findings of both qualitative and quantitative studies to show the effectiveness of mobile applications in bringing about change in relation to fitness and body weight management. Conclusions. Mobile applications are effective in bringing about reduction in weight and other measures related to fitness. The study has also discussed recommendations for possible features that can be included in forthcoming applications that are being developed. Keywords. Obesity, Weight reduction, Mobile applications, Adults, Fitness