Extended Translation Project: Translation of the Second Chapter of 'Depression 101' with Commentary: Equivalence Theory and Functionalist Approaches

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The current paper highlights the common elements manifest in the translation process of Depression 101. The first two chapters of Durbin's Depression 101 were translated to the Arabic language; focusing on the significant variations of the language elements occurring in the translation process with discussing the integrity, meaning, and the sentence's structure in this process. Furthermore, the paper focused on the facets of translation limited to the lexical, stylistic, and synthetical levels and the language challenges that translators face with these particular levels in the translation process, which can occur as a result of the variations in languages, the text structure, or the variations in the translation process. The focus was also on the literal translation; where the theory of equivalence was implemented in translation the book to analyze the language's contexts and texts of translation between the Arabic and the English languages. The paper presents its final remarks in the conclusion section; where the results are shown and discussed