An investigation of AI in talent management in luxury hospitality in the UK (United Kingdom)

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An investigation has been conducted into the implementation of artificial intelligence in the luxury hospitality sector of the United Kingdom. Digitalization is influencing the business operations of the hospitality sector from a variety of perspectives, including talent management. Managing talent is critical to the success of business operations in the luxury tourism sector, since it is a fundamental component of providing a better level of service to customers. There is no doubt that the hospitality industry is one of the largest in the United Kingdom. Hoteliers have been assisted greatly by artificial intelligence in managing their talent in recent years. Yet most human resources managers in luxury hotels in the United Kingdom are unaware of the existence of this technology, which is the reason for their slow growth. The purpose of this specified dissertation paper is to provide an in-depth analysis and discussion regarding the various challenges that various HR managers are undergoing while implementing AI technology within the hospitality industry in the UK. As well as the variety of approaches through which these challenges can be mitigated, this article discusses various ways through which all of these challenges can be mitigated. Artificial intelligence has been found to be able to facilitate the recruitment process. By doing so, Human Resources professionals have been able to reduce their workload. Additionally, it is used to train employees, make cognitive decisions, and select resumes for employment.
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