The Impact of product quality on customer loyalty of Almarai Company

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Purpose – This study seeks to employ the theoretical model developed by Sarv et al. in 2001 to show the impact that product quality dimensions (including Features, Aesthetics and customer perceived quality) exercise on customer loyalty in the food industry in Saudi Arabia, especially in the context of Almarai Company with regard to the role of brand image. The model includes product quality dimensions, price, quality belief as independent variables effect on the dependent variable customer loyalty, with the moderating effect of brand image on the relationship between product quality and customer loyalty. Design/methodology/approach – Randomly sampling by a questionnaire developed after gaining insights from the existing pool of literature, which was circulated among 208 customer respondents. Findings – The results show that product quality directly impacts customer loyalty, with special reference to the role of brand, which is responsible for making the relationship stronger. The price also has positive effect on the product quality and customer loyalty. Originality/value – This paper offers roles and directions for realising the effects that the quality of the food products has on customer loyalty. On the basis of the search results, the food companies should confirm the features, aesthetics, and perceived quality of their products to form positive and strong perceptions among customers.
customer loyalty, perceived quality, features, aesthetics, price, brand image, quality belief