Satisfaction of Saudi Electricity Company employees and its relationship to performance

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This study focused on examining job satisfaction and its effect on employee performance. The study attempts to examine the problems of the employer/employee relationship, including the issues of feedback regarding employee performance, employee incentives, and the workplace environment. To do so, this study adopted a survey sampling method carried out at Saudi Electricity Company, KSA. 118 employees which were randomly selected from total staff of 31,000 employees. The findings revealed that there is a relationship between job satisfaction and employee performance, and specifically, that both an appreciation for work content and work conditions help to increase employee satisfaction and performance. Based on these findings, this study recommends that organizations find ways of improving employees’ job satisfaction by establishing a feedback system, reviewing employees’ qualifications, providing flexible work hours, and making job tasks clear and specific for each employee. The research will consist of 5 chapters. The first chapter will provide an introduction of the company and a definition of job satisfaction and job performance. The second chapter will discuss literature reviews related to the topic. The third chapter will illustrate the methodology of the research. The fourth chapter will analyze the data and discuss the results. The last chapter will be the discussion, conclusion and recommendations.